Business with Integrity


LGM Construction has a defined set of values that foster a true sense of family. The team is committed to providing only the finest craftsmanship.

By providing intense creative focus to customers, LGM is supporting and improving the community in which it operates. It is LGM's dedication to excellence, and encouragement and recognition of innovation that has resulted in such an exceptional reputation.


Over its years of operation LGM has cultivated enduring relationships with leading technology companies, real estate brokers, architects, subcontractors, and other vendors. The company prides itself on wise investments and solid partnerships. LGM stays educated on the latest trends in the industry and marketplace, while maintaining the simple basics of quality product and service, customer loyalty, and relationship building.

LGM operates its own construction company and conducts all lease negotiations in-house to streamline the development process. The company principals take a hand-on role in every major project undertaken.

Real Estate

LGM believes that treating its clients with honesty and integrity, while providing superior service, benefits all. Providing a smooth and rewarding real estate experience is the company's top priority and is made possible through the integration with other facets of the business such as construction and development.

Sound relationships are maintained with local real estate professionals and LGM would be happy to cater to your real estate needs. Please contact us with any questions.